Lunar Lunar

Anahata Retreat | Installation Design

A multi-disciplinary project providing visualisation, event and installation consultancy to this yoga & ayurveda retreat, located in South India.

Unique in their offer of local community support alongside retreats for global visitors, Anahata Healing Centre were looking to expand their services with a newly built Art Therapy Centre, a Mindfulness Retreat Workshop and a Stone Circle installation. 

Retreat Event Design

Retreat Event Design

The site for this workshop was a beautiful ashram situated amongst coffee, spice and fruit plantations, in the coffee region of Kodagu. Lunar Lunar were appointed to create a full retreat workshop, including bespoke structural design based on the concept of nature, and a 3-day programme of events.

Lunar Lunar stayed onsite to plan the installation locations, an opportunity that allowed us to experience the atmosphere and views of the ashram, land and plantations, which differed wildly. Bespoke structures were designed for each element (fire, water, wind, earth and sky), with unique locations chosen to enhance the experience - such as a betel nut grove that rustled in the wind, or a high, open clearing that gave views of the sky. A site plan was also established to ensure that the installations were accessible from the main ashram and included certain programme requirements, such as pathways for meditative walks.

The materials were selected to be natural and accessible, reflecting the environment and complimenting the landscape, while making use of materials from the land. Fallen tree trunk sections serve as steps and meditation seats; platforms and canopies were designed to be made from bamboo and woven palm leaves. Wind instruments and swing chairs were designed to be made from bamboo and betel nut trunks, creating natural sounds to compliment the key programme feature of focusing on nature.

Art Therapy Centre

Art Therapy Centre

Lunar Lunar provided research, planning and visualisation of the Art Therapy Centre, which comprised of a central building surrounded by a variety of outdoor spaces that provided activities through art, play and music.

The brief for the central building was to follow traditional South Indian architecture, whereby the roof and walls are partially open to the elements, revealing an open-air courtyard where art therapy can be facilitated. The perimeter offers large-scale hanging instruments, a chalkboard and dedicated space for displaying artworks and sculptures created at the centre.

Stone Circle Installation

Stone Circle Installation

We were invited to collaborate on the curation of a Stone Meditation Circle. Giant stones were selected for their shape and size and placed in considered locations for use as meditation seats. It was important to take into account their proximity to each other, the location of the sun and the nearby lake. The overall setting out created an installation that could be appreciated from the wider context of the retreat.